NYC Easter Parade 2016 – Way Over The Top

For the past two years we have covered the Easter Parade, aka the Easter Bonnet Parade in New York City. We love this parade now because it herald’s the coming of Spring, with the beautiful daffodils and tulips in bloom and the wonderful and welcome warm weather.

Today we planned to cover the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue from 49th Street to 57th Street and passing St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This year we decided to bring our little dog Georgie with us to the parade and to the Auto Show which we visit right after the parade.

This has now become the way we spend Easter Sunday, which of course includes a trip to Chinatown for our Easter Sunday dinner. Being of the Jewish faith, we usually dine on Christmas and Easter Days at a Chinese restaurant, the only ones usually open on these days.

We like to arrive at Rockefeller Center at around 10:30 AM, and because we have New York Press license plates on our cars, we are able to park on Ave. of Americas and 50th Street and walk the block to Rockefeller Center. Being a member of the legitimate media and covering these events has its perks.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny and brisk day and put Georgie’s bunny ears on with a flower and put him in his cart to wheel him through the crowded streets. Never did we think he would become one of the most photographed at the parade. We know Georgie is so sweet and cute and everyone loves him, but never the reception he got at this parade.

Easter Parade-2016- (14 of 105)HRez

The parade starts at 10 AM and runs through 4 PM and thousands already arrived filled the streets in front of St Patrick’s Cathedral. Many were visitors to New York from many other countries while others were natives from the New York and New Jersey area.

Easter Parade-2016- (13 of 105)HRez
Rockefeller Center Skating Rink

Visitors also came to see Rockefeller Center and the beautiful Easter floral display and of course to watch skaters and the Easter Bunny at the Rockefeller Skating Rink.

The Easter Parade

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Georgie Being Photographed At The Parade
Georgie Being Photographed At The Parade

Unlike many of the recent parades I have been covering, this one doesn’t have marching bands, floats, dancers, singers, the New York City Police Marching Band. It is a people’s parade, one that started in the 1800’s and was simply a way to spend Easter Sunday in New York after the upper class attended some of the New York church services.

Easter Parade-2016- (57 of 105)HRez

Some of the attendees had the traditional Easter Bonnets, adorned with Easter Bunnies, Eggs, Flowers and bright and pastel spring colors, but as you will see in our photos, there were a whole lot more. So much creativity and smiles at this parade and there were loads of doggies like Georgie there too.

It was a photographers day too and I noticed many of my fellow photographers there shooting for leading media outlets as well and just about everyone else with their cameras and phones taking photos.

I understand Easter Sunday is about the religious significance of the holiday, but just as Christmas has taken on a festive and wonderful time of the year for people of all religions, so has Easter.

It was a wonderful day and our third year at the Easter Parade and certainly not the last. Now we had to visit the NY International Auto Show to get some additional video and photos to add to our Press Only day material we shot earlier in the week.

Photos Of The Parade

Easter Bonnet Parade 2016



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