Super Pet Expo 2020
Super Pet Expo 2020

Super Pet Expo NJ 2020 Huge Success

Super Pet Expo NJ

Super Pet Expo…Lately, I have found myself attending dog shows and dog events. Recently I covered the AKA Meet The Breeds Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Before I knew it there was another Pet/Dog Show called the Super Pet Expo at the NJ Convention & Exposition Center.  There were over 150, local and national exhibitors at the show and you could buy anything from a leash to fresh food for your dog.

Loads of Vendors
Loads of Vendors

So Many Dog Lovers & Owners

Allie With Georgie
Allie With Georgie

Being a dog lover myself and the owner of the best dog ever, Georgie, we decided to cover this show with my wife, son, his wife and my beautiful granddaughter, Allie.

Georgie & Wolfhound
Georgie & Wolfhound

This was a three-day event and looked promising.  We were granted Press Access to the show and were excited to go on both Saturday and Sunday.  What a fantastic show that covered the entire convention floor.

Wolfhound & Pony

You can see Wolfhoundthe miniature pony that was slightly bigger than the Wolfhound that stood next to him.

Most noteworthy the Wolfhound was used to pursue the game because of its speed.  A truly beautiful dog.

The Wolfhound was also a trusted guardian dog, specializing in protection,  for hunting, especially the hunting of wolves.  What a beautiful animal it was with black and gray hair that was thick and corse.

Magnificent & Friendly Dogs

You can see all the beautiful dogs in our Photo Gallery on Flickr at the bottom of this article.  I did want to showcase a few exceptional dogs here.

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Exotic Snakes, Frogs, Lizards, and Bugs

From Shore Things Exotics a huge display of all sorts of exotic animals and bugs too.

Watch our video and visit their website and Facebook page to see more.

Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Bugs
Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Bugs
Great People At The Show
Great People At The Show

Frisbee Demonstrations

“Certain breeds are known for their affinity for frisbee‘s; these tend to be the more athletic, and intelligent ones, including Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, Belgian Malinois, and Golden Retrievers”

MAD Dogs had their team of beautifully trained dogs that would jump in the air to catch the Frizbee’s.  The audience was astonished seeing these dogs jump high in the air to catch a frisbee. Watch them in action in our video.

Dogs Chasing A Black Rag

There was even a large space that was used to let dogs chase a black rag that was on a cord. The rag’s speed was controlled to go fast or slow down around the arena. You will see in our video how the dog chased it as if it was a rabbit.  For the reason, the dogs never caught the little “rabbit”.

Our Super Pet Expo Video

There Were Cats Too

What would a Pet Expo be without Dogs and Cats? In our video, you will see a very unique cat that looks like a Lion because of his beautiful Lion Clip.


See Our Complete Photo Gallery On Flickr

Finally, we have uploaded our full high-resolution photos of the show on our Flickr Gallery and you can download photos for your personal enjoyment there. Those interested in using our photos for commercial use please contact us for cost and permission.

Click on Image to Enlarge and use Download Link to download an image.

Flickr Download Link
Flickr Download Link  – Click Image Below To Go To The Gallery or This Link

Super Pet Expo


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