Philadelphia Flower Show
Philadelphia Flower Show

Bloom Festival PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

PHS Flower Show

Astilbes In My Garden

I publish the Hazlet News with many articles and videos on how to maintain your home and garden.  I am proud to say I love gardening and have one of the nicer gardens in our development.

Childhood Gardening


As a child living in my school, we students were offered an opportunity to order flower and vegetable seeds. 

As it got closer to planting time the seeds were delivered from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  It was a wonderful program and taught us how wonderful and rewarding gardening can be.

Pride In My Garden

Above all else, I enjoy picking fresh vegetables and flowers from our garden.

I have also spread the love by offering free plants each year to my neighbors and Facebook friends. 

Obviously the launch of the Hazlet News website confirms this.

This year we will be covering the Philadelphia Flower Show. We urge our readers to join us there,   click this link to go to their website. 

PHS Philadelphia Flower Show Video

The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is the nation’s largest and longest-running horticultural event. It features stunning displays by the world’s premier floral and landscape designers.

It started in 1829 by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This show introduces diverse and sustainable plant varieties,  gardens and design concepts.

In addition to the major garden displays, the Flower Show hosts world-renowned competitions.  Horticulture and artistic floral arranging, gardening presentations, and demonstrations.

Also many special events, and the citywide Bloom Philly pre-Show celebration.

The Philadelphia Flower Show has been honored as the best event in the world by the International Festivals & Events Association.

This event competes with the Kentucky Derby Festival, Tournament of Roses Parade, Indianapolis 500 Festival, and other international celebrations.

2020 Flower Show Entrance Garden Concept V4 Credit © GMR Design
2020 Flower Show Entrance Garden

World Competitions

The entrance into the Philadelphia Convention Center takes you through the venue. The shows attendees are directed into the Gardens of the Mediterranean

Finally, visitors will learn how they can use their gardening practices to marry beauty with sustainability. Likewise, neighbors will understand how they can achieve health and well-being.

Show Information

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 12th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Purchase tickets, visit, Follow the Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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