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Is Best Buy Really The Best Buy? You Bet It Is!

I stopped shopping at Best Buy about 6 years ago. Best Buy was floundering in a world that had embraced the internet and shopping on the internet was exciting and new to most of us.  They couldn’t or didn’t want to compete with internet merchants, wouldn’t compete with the big box stores like Costco and frankly wouldn’t really price match anyone as …

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More Secret Tips To Save You Money At Home Depot, Lowe’s And Many Other Stores & Restaurants

As many of you already know, I am a consumer advocate and a frugal shopper.  My award-winning article “Secret Price Codes Will Save You Money At Costco, has gone viral and has over three million reads to date and I have been asked to write a book about some of my shopping secrets. As a consumer advocate I have stood …

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Fall Clean-Up – Planting Bulbs For Spring Color

My Tulips Spring 2014 If you are like me you have been out in your garden for the past month doing your Fall Clean-Up.  In September, I did my Fall fertilization, treated the lawn with Sevin to kill the moths that become sod web worms that would destroy next years grass production, and started to remove and/or cut back any …

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