Hazlet’s Showcase Homes

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Wwith approximately 5,000 homes in Hazlet, finding those that we felt were the Showcase Homes was not an easy task.  As we drive through Hazlet, we try to capture those homes that captured us.  The homes you see here were just a small sampling of the homes that their owners cared for and you can see it shows.  Well maintained lawns, beautiful shrubs, flowers, perennials, trees and exceptional landscaping features.

Summer-Fall Tips 

Want to have a home with beautiful landscaping too?  Well lets get started.  End of summer into the fall is a wonderful time to begin to restore your stressed lawns.  Clean up and discard your dead annuals and cut your weary perennials like your Hosta’s that look their best in the Spring and early Summer.

We like to start to think of planting our Fall Bulbs and of course purchase some beautiful and colorful mums that will be in abundance in late September and October.  Now is also a great time to feed your lawn with a fertilizer that has weed prevention.  By using a pre emergent in the late Fall you will save yourself the trouble of killing all those Spring weeds.  Yes you know their names, dandelions, clover and so many others.

So what are you waiting for, get to it and start to make your home a Showcase Home for the Hazlet News.  Oh, now is also a good time to paint your front door and shutters. A fresh coat of paint will offer additional protection from the elements and add so much curb appeal to your home.

Do you have or know someone that has a Showcase Home?  Send us a photo and the address so we can visit it and include it in this showcase page.

Email us at: showcasehomes@hazletnews.com


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