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New report features first-hand victim accounts that resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars; Steps seniors and their loved ones can take to prevent financial fraud. YONKERS, NY—Each year, seniors and their families lose billions of dollars to con artists. A new investigation by Consumer Reports, the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit consumer organization, takes an in-depth look …

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Safest and the most lethal late-model cars

IIHS death watch is good news for SUVs—mostly What would you suppose was the safer car, a Mini Cooper or a Chevrolet Suburban? Turns out it’s the Cooper. That’s one of the more surprising findings in a new Driver Death Rate report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This IIHS study calculated driver death rates specifically for 2011 models, using government crash-fatality data for …

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Keep it safe when using your snow blower

Safety tips from the industry’s trade group and Consumer Reports Shoveling snow can have its own hazards if you’re not in shape, but the machine you need for the fastest, most thorough clearing presents risks even for those in fine shape. Here’s some safety advice from the experts at the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, the outdoor-gear industry’s trade group, and …

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