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Restore Your Lawn, Learn How

Want to have a great lawn to enjoy in the summer and to increase your property value? You will want to read this aticle that details the steps in restoring or replacing your lawn and how to maintain it.

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Fall Garden Clean-Up Tips

From the Folks at Home Depot….Fall garden cleanup is an important step for the long-term health of your garden. Beds cleaned up now will be ready to plant first thing in spring, with fewer weeds and overwintering pests. Plus, there is no better time to be in the garden than a crisp fall day. CLEAN UP GARDEN BEDS: Make two …

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Hazlet Day Festival 2014 – Hazlet News Honors Our Troops

On September 27th, 2014 we attended the Hazlet Day Celebration and formally inaugurated our newest online publication the Hazlet News. The goal of the Hazlet News is to help our community to maintain their homes and our town.   By publishing informative articles, videos and photos we can offer the residents a great source of information that would be difficult …

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4 Most Common Reasons Why You Can’t Maintain Your Lawn

There are 4 basic reasons people don’t perform the proper maintenance on their lawns and they are Knowledge, Desire, Cost and Time.  So lets take a look at these reasons and see if they are really valid. 1. Knowledge…Sure not knowing what to do or how can be a big stumbling block for many.  Those that don’t have access to …

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Fall Is The Best Time To Reseed And Restore Lawns

Well, it is about time. The hot weather of summer is over and it is beginning to cool down in preparation for Fall.  As you walk around your garden and look at your lawn you see that some spots didn’t do so well during the heat of the summer.  There may be some brown spots with dead grass or weeds …

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Now Is The Time For Insect Control-Sod Webworms

Summer is known for a lot of things–picnics, fireworks, trips to the beach or pool, and moths flying over your stressed-out lawn. Have you ever seen those small, tan moths flying across your lawn as you mow or venture out into your grass? These small moths aren’t a problem, but their offspring are. These moths are the adult form of …

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15 Fall Projects that Take Only 15 Minutes

15 Fall Projects that Take Only 15 Minutes Fall is always a busy time.  So busy that it’s tempting to forget about the yard until spring. Problem is, if you wait until spring, your yard just doesn’t have the get-up-and-grow you expect. If you have 15 minutes here and there throughout the fall, here are 15 easy things you can …

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The Best Time to Seed and Feed? Fall

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Seed and Feed Think about what fall brings, besides football. You get cooler temperatures. More dew and rain. And plenty of sunshine. The soil is still warm enough to germinate seeds, but the cool air invites grass to grow a strong root system. That’s why fall is the best time for seeding and …

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Our Goal Is To Inform and Help Our Neighbors

Hazlet Isn’t The Town It Was 40 Years Ago When we first moved into our modest home in Hazlet, the town was new, the homes were reasonably priced and it looked like the kind of town we wanted to bring up our family. Our block was full of young families like ours and was made up of many families that …

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