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Keyport New Jersey’s 11th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the perfect day for a parade. Our neighboring town Keyport made the day green with their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Our area boasts a large Irish and Italian population, so one would expect nothing less than a parade to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We decided to cover the parade this year, our first …

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2016 Hazlet Taxes Continue to Climb-What You Can Do

Recent Home Appraisals and Tax Rates I think the single most discussed topic in our town and many others, especially before any elections is taxes.  It certainly was a heated debate in the past few months.  It was explained and as you can see from this tax notice that Hazlet only sees 23.40% of the total taxes paid and the …

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Can We Be Constructive Rather Than Destructive?

I have found that Facebook can be a great place to share your thoughts, photos, videos and make new friends.  However it can be destructive as well.  When the internet was first created, many of us that adopted the new technology would post on a Forum.  The forums were a great place to find answers to problems, but the nature …

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Distracted Driving – Know The Law

Many people don’t realize that New Jersey has one of the toughest laws on the books regarding distracted driving. This means texting, talking, eating while driving, putting make-up on and many more distracting actions while operating a motor vehicle. For this reason, I thought it would be a good time to cover the law with all of our readers and …

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Welcome Hazlet Committeewoman Sue Kiley

Video and article about Sue Kiley's race for Hazlet Township committee. Learn how social media and Facebook helped her take the election with a substantial margin. Hazlet News supported Sue during her campaign.

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Get Out And Vote On Nov. 4th – Sue Kiley HN’s Pick For Committee

HAZLET RESIDENTS GET OUT AND VOTE Editorial by Len Rapoport, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher of the Hazlet News, IMPress Magazine and President International Press Association I was not familiar with the name Kevin Lavan and understand he was a past mayor of Hazlet. Since he is running for Hazlet Township committee against Sue Kiley, who the Hazlet News endorses, I wanted …

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Hazlet Day Festival 2014 – Hazlet News Honors Our Troops

On September 27th, 2014 we attended the Hazlet Day Celebration and formally inaugurated our newest online publication the Hazlet News. The goal of the Hazlet News is to help our community to maintain their homes and our town.   By publishing informative articles, videos and photos we can offer the residents a great source of information that would be difficult …

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Our Goal Is To Inform and Help Our Neighbors

Hazlet Isn’t The Town It Was 40 Years Ago When we first moved into our modest home in Hazlet, the town was new, the homes were reasonably priced and it looked like the kind of town we wanted to bring up our family. Our block was full of young families like ours and was made up of many families that …

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How I Was Able To Help A Neighbor In Need

Home Needs Some TLC This article will show you how easy it is to help a neighbor in need.  We had a home across the street from us that was vacant for a couple of years and a year ago went into foreclosure.  The previous owners never invested in their home over the years and it was not cared for.  …

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