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Kiley Wins With A Handsome Margin

November 5, 2014.…Well, this was an exciting race for Hazlet Townships committee seat and it came to a climax last night when the results came in to Kiley headquarters…Kiley 2714, Lavan 2016.  With a very cool margin of 698 votes in a Democratic town, it may have surprised some, but not those in the Kiley camp.

Their campaign was focused on a platform that would take Hazlet into the 21st Century, something it has failed to do with dated procedures and systems that lacked any clear communication with the towns residents.  Sue is a modern woman who understands the importance in good communication and uses the internet and social media sites to communicate to the residents of our town.

We Met On Facebook

I first was made aware of Sue and her bid for committeewoman on Facebook.  She invited me to attend her Spaghetti Dinner where I first realized our goals aligned for the betterment of our town.  I must admit I was a bit torn being a lifelong Democrat now in Republican territory, but I decided it just might be the right time to switch parties.


Over the coming months the Hazlet News became pro Kiley with an article that explained her platform and why we felt she was the right choice for committee. In the following months, we met with Sue at the Hazlet

Sue and HN Correspondent Andy Peek
Sue and HN Correspondent Andy Peek

Day Festival and included her in our video.  We looked for other members of the township to be interviewed, but none could be found.  As the campaign progressed Sue took the lead and we did our best to help her.

We posted photos and videos of Sue in action. Residents could actually see who she was and why it was so important to vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation.  We had an opportunity to point out each candidates qualifications and I believe it made people understand, it is not the party in a local election like this, it is the individual.

Of course I took some heat, but having so many years as a marketing and corporate communications consultant, a photojournalist and publisher of online magazines, and other life experiences, I understand the passion that some feel when politics and religion are discussed. Two things we don’t like to write about in our publication IMPress Magazine.

Reaching the Voters

That said, we were able to reach literally hundreds of voters in our town of which 2,000+ have Facebook accounts.  I found it very strange that our town has a population of over 20,000 people, subtract children and those that don’t or can’t vote and I would estimate an adult active voting population of 10,000 or less.  As you can see from the Final vote tally 4,700 people actually voted in this election or about 45% of the voting population.

Final Results of Election
Final Results of Election

Facebook Helped

So with 2,000 young and old residents on Facebook and 2706 votes for Sue, it is my personal belief is that social media has played a major role in her victory.  Most of the residents in Hazlet didn’t know Lavan and only saw some post cards in the mail.  See our HN Group on Facebook that has over 800 members in two month and you can see how engaged  our members were in this race.  Our FB Page has over 9,000 likes in that short amount of time, social media important to a political race, you can bet it is.

Click to See Video of Republican Rally

As I have stated over and over these past few months, you need to know the person you are voting for. You need to see them, hear them and examine their resume.  I believe we knew Sue’s and her being out there meeting people both in person and on the internet and showing demonstrating her passion for this town is why she took this election in a landslide.

Republican Committee Members Mike Sachs, Sue Kiley and Scott Aagre
Republican Committee Members Mike Sachs, Sue Kiley and Scott Aagre

Republican Majority On Our Committee

Now the committee has a Republican majority with three members, Mike Sachs, Scott Aagre and Sue Kiley so hopefully we can see progress in the very near future.  I know we had many Democrats, including myself voting Republican for this election.

I believe we finally got the message out there that we must not vote by party line, we must vote for the person that is best qualified to be in office.  As we see in our federal government that is in a lock down mode between the two parties, nothing will ever get done if we don’t vote the right people into office.

We were pleased to see that incumbent Freeholders Lillian Burry and Gary Rich also retained their seats for another term.  Together our town and our county can now work in harmony for the benefit of our residents.

Congratulate Sue For A Great, Campaign

Big Congratulations to Sue and the many hard-working volunteers, and her family members that have made the effort to get the right person on our towns committee. The Hazlet News and myself applaud their efforts and again a big Congratulations to Sue Kiley our new committeewoman.

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