New York Times Travel Show 2019-NYC

2019 NY Times Travel Show...At IPA and IMPress Magazine we are all about travel. Our sister company Travel Pavilion, is our travel agency business.  Our fantastic website offers our original articles, photos, and videos from our own travels.

Our Trip To Egypt

We have traveled and cruised throughout the world

My wife owns a travel agency for over 40 years. By taking advantage of travel agent FAM (familiarizaton) deals and many out of our pockets trips.  From Africa to the Amazon we have been fortunate enough to experience countries and their cultures.

Unfortunately some are no longer safe for travel, including Egypt, Peru, the middle east and many other countries.  However, the world is a very large place and at the show we saw exhibits that included a tour of Chinobal…really.

So being travel agents and publishers of our websites, we love to cover the NY Times Travel Show.  The show gives us an opportunity to meet many people we know through our travel business and find out more about the best and safest places to visit or recomment to our travel clients.

Now if you want to visit some of the United States with our beautiful National Parks, or cities that are vibrant and alive with activities than you wanted to be at this show.  We have some great photos on our TP website so have a look at some of our stunning photos from our International Press Association staff.

Visit our Travel Website

This year’s show took place once again at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York.

Take a Chernobyl Tour

The show,now in its 16th year, was a three-day event from Jan 25-27th. Again the show didn’t disappoint the thousands of travel professionals and those that love to travel. This is both a trade and consumer show that was represented by 550 exhibitors representing more than 170 destinations.  Admission to this show was $59 per person.  Seeing the thousands of attendees that paid to go to this show, gave us confidence that the travel industry is doing just fine.

New and larger cruise ships and new destinations on many offering luxury cruises to exotic locations.  We took one of these cruises with Azamara Cruise Line part of the Royal Caribbean Family and had a great time.  We had to fly into Venice where we boarded the beautiful boutique ship for a 7 day cruise to Croatia.  You can read our article with photos here.

This Years Show Video

There were, of course, many cultural performances and games for all to play and even win prizes. Like other shows, the estimated attendance for the show topped 35,000, there were 280 speakers, 100+ Cultural presentations. The perfect show to get information about countries you might want to visit, cruises you might like to take or local vacation spots.

The stages showcased some of the international entertainers, video presentations, and speakers.  Watch our video to see some of the excitement at the show.

Georgie Draws A Crowd

Let me not forget to mention my wonderful little trick and service dog Georgie.  He goes with us everywhere including the shows we go to.   You will see him performing for the crowd in this video as the beautiful Miss Curaso shows him a treat and he responds for the reward.

You can see more of Georgie on Facebook by going to I Love Georgie 2 and  his profile Georgie Rapoport.

Visit their website and be sure to attend the show next year.

Our Photo Gallery, Click Photo Below  or click this link…

NY Times Travel Show 2019




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