Lawn Care: Put Your Mower to Bed for Winter

From Our Friends at Home Depot...

Mowers and trimmers work hard during the warm months. Keep their parts in good working condition with simple care at the end of the season. Properly storing the mower will ensure that it easily revs up next year.


  1. Spray down the mower with a hose.
  2. Tilt mower on its side and use a trowel or wire brush to scrape grass clippings from under the deck.
  3. While the mower is on its side, change the oil. Set a drip and remove the oil reservoir plug. Slowly tilt the mower until oil drains into the pan. Replace the plug when all the oil has drained.
  4. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, following directions. Run the mower to distribute it throughout the system.
  5. Remove old gas by siphoning it into a clean can. Run the mower until it stops and fuel lines are empty.
  6. Remove the spark plug with a socket wrench and pour two capfuls of motor oil into the cylinders.
  7. Replace the plug and pull the cord a couple of times to distribute the oil. Replace plug if needed.
  8. Spark plugs last about 100 hours or 2 to 4 years depending on your season.
    Sharpen the blade.
  9. If your mower has a paper filter, replace it, paper edges facing out. If it’s a sponge filter, remove it, wash with soap and water, allow it to dry and add clean oil to it before putting it back.
  10. Store mower in a dry place such as a garage or shed. If your mower is outside, secure it under a tarp.
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