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This page lists all of the current Hazlet Township Departments as listed on the Hazlet Township website.  It includes the departments function, contact names and information and other information you may find helpful.  We hope this clear and concise information will help our readers reach the departments and individuals they need in an easy to read format.

Hazlet Township address is:  1766 Union Ave., Hazlet, NJ 07730 – Click For Map & Directions
General hours of operation are from 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Thursday.  All offices are closed on Friday through Sunday.

Main Tel: 732 264-1700
Fax: 732 264-1785

See specific departments below for any changes in this information.  Telephone extensions are provided for each department and direct lines as well.  Where there were forms or additional information for these departments, we have included the links to the Hazlet Township website so you can download them as well.

You can find the towns Recycling Schedule here.

Disclaimer: All the information published on this site with regard to Hazlet Township may or may not be accurate.  It has been published for our readers use as a point of reference only and is done so, to the best of our knowledge.  

Please check with the townships website for the most current information.  We are not affiliated with Hazlet Township in any way and we are an independent publication meant to disseminate  public information that has been taken from the Hazlet website and other sources available to us.

Forms to Download

Property Maintenance Complaint Form

AdministrationDennis Pino - Acting Admininistrator - X 8682 • dpino@hazlettwp.org
Nancy Pendle - Admin Assistant - X 8682 npendle@hazlettwp.org
Code EnforcementSharon A. Keegan - Dept. Head - X 8656 • skeegan@hazlettwp.org

Frank Finnerty - Assist. Code Enforcement
& Housing Inspector - X 8685 • ffinnerty@hazlettwp.org
Enforces Township ordinances regarding property maintenance
to improve the quality of life and appearance of our town.

Residential complaints can be made by phone or by completion
of this form.
Property Maintenance Complaint Form
The Joint Court of Hazlet, Keyport and Matawan
255 Middle Road
Hazlet, NJ 07730
Michael D. Pugliese,esq - Municipal Court Judge

Raymond Raya,esq - Municipal Public Defender
Tel: (732) 264-2231
Fax: (732) 264-7375
Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Court Contacts:
Carol La Manna
Administrator - Ext -129
Mary DiCostanzi
Deputy Court Administrator - Ext -132
Linda Morrison
Deputy Court Administrator - Ext - 131
Mary (Roz) Tripani
PT Violations Clerk • Ext - 130
?????- Bailiff
Finance DepartmentThomas O'Hara CFO - Dept. Head - X 8690 • tohara@hazlettwp.org

Linda Busco - Senior Payroll Clerk - X 8691 • lbusco@hazlettwp.org
Processes all financial transactions of the Township.
Fire Prevention Bureau
John Beslanovitz- Fire Official - X 8665 • tojbeslanovitz@hazlettwp.org

Thomas Horner - Fire Inspector - X 8665 • oem@hazlettwp.org

Michelle Powers - Admin Clerk- X 8665 • mpowers@hazlettwp.org
Fire District
Phone: 732-264-6565
EMERGENCY - Dial 911

Our primary responsibility is enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and other local fire safety regulations.

First Aid & Rescue Squad
19 Maple Dr.
Hazlet, NJ 07730
Non-Emergency Phone: 732-264-7460

Stephen C Schmidt - E.M.S. Chief

Harry Hunter - Captain

Click Here to See Entire Squad Info
The squad operates out of two buildings - one on each side of town and has five ambulances, one rescue truck, one special operations unit, one first responder vehicle, one rescue boat, one staging trailer and a chief's vehicle.

The squad responds to approximately 1,700 calls per year. To face this demand, members receive the best training in first aid and rescue techniques available. At the present time, there is no cost for the voluntary services provided by the squad.
Floodplain AdministrationFrank DiRoma -Flood Plain Admin - X 8661 • fdiroma@hazlettwp.org

Annie Eng - CRS Coordinator - X 8674 • aeng@hazlettwp.org
We provide free NFIP map information services. Need to know your flood zone or risks? Contact our Floodplain Administrator or CRS coordinator.
Hazlet AllianceBarbara Hilliard- Coordinator - X 8693 • bhilliard51@comcast.net
Hazlet Alliance was formed to help our community and its citizens make informed decisions about alcohol and substance abuse.
We especially strive to promote a "no-use" message in our schools and with our children.
Health Services
Monmouth County Health Dept.
3435 Highway 9
Freehold, NJ 07728
Mary Lynch-Registrar of Vital Statistics - X 8693 • mlynch@hazlettwp.org

All health related inquiries should be directed to the Monmouth County Health Department at:
Hazlet Township is part of the Monmouth County Department of Health. The transition to the County Health Department will provide
the citizens of Hazlet with increased services all at a substantial cost reduction.
Housing BureauFrank Finnerty - Housing Inspector
- X 8685 • FFinnerty@hazlettwp.org

Provide minimum standards for Occupancy in existing buildings consistent with the adopted property maintenance code and in accordance with all enforceable ordinances and other applicable State laws.
To permit to the fullest extent the use of existing buildings and structures through an inspection process of code compliance with reasonable requirements for health, safety and welfare of the occupants and public.
251 Middle Road
Hazlet, NJ 07730
Tel: 732-264-7164

Diana Zambrano MSLS, Branch Manager
Jackie Moss, MLS Children's Librarian

Hours of Operation:
Monday 1-9 pm, Tuesday 9-5 pm, Wednesday 1-9 pm, Thursday 9-5 pm,
Friday 1-5 pm, Saturday 9-5 pm (in July and August, Saturday 9-1pm).

Services: The Hazlet Library provides books, DVDs, magazines and books on CD to patrons with a valid library card. Internet access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available, as is wireless Internet service.

Library cards are free to residents of Hazlet and West Keansburg, as well as several other local municipalities.
Municipal ClerkEvelyn A. Grandi, RMC - Municipal Clerk
- X 8686 • egrandi@hazlettwp.org

Mary L. Lynch, RMC - CRS Coordinator - X 8688 • mlynch@hazlettwp.org
Office of Emergency Management

Visit Their Website For Additional Information
Thomas Horner - Coordinator
- X 8671 • oem@hazlettwp.org

John Beslanovitz - Deputy Coordinator - Operations
- X 8666 • jbeslanovitz@hazlettwp.org

Ken Marr Jr. - Deputy Coordinator - Administration / Operations
- X 8671 •

For additional Members of their staff - Click Here
Hazlet Township has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System - an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. This system allows us to telephone all or targeted areas of the township in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action (such as a boil-water notice, missing child or evacuation notices).
Public Safety
Police Department
255 Middle Road
Hazlet, NJ 07730

Phone: (732) 264-6565 (non-emergency)
Fax: (732) 264-2708

EMERGENCY - Dial 911
James A.Broderick - Chief

Philip Meehan - Deputy Chief
732-264-6565 Ext. 118

Rhonda Schultz - Administrative Assistant - 732-264-8066

Lt. Ted Wittke - Detective Supervisor - 732-264-1705

Lt. David Cohen - Patrol Supervisor - 732-264-6565 Ext. 103

Lt. Art Lynch - Patrol Supervisor - 732-264-6565 Ext. 119

Lt. Scott Mura - Patrol Supervisor - 732-264-6565 Ext. 122

Lt. Robert Mulligan - Patrol Supervisor - 732-264-6565 Ext. 117

Public Works

39 Leocadia CourtHazlet, NJ 07730
Phone: (732) 787-3636
Fax: (732) 787-0361
David Rooke - Dept. Head- Superintendent
- X 8649 • drooke@hazlettwp.org

Kenneth Kruk - Supervisor - X 8625 • KennyDPW@comcast.net

Joseph Pichirallo - X 8624 •

Edward Zimmerman -Recycling Coordinator - X 8627 • EdDPW@comcast.net

Nancy O'Grady -Recycling Coordinator - X 8654 • nogrady@hazlettwp.org
Yard Open

June, July & August:
7:00am - 2:30pm, Monday through Friday
8:15am - 1:45pm, Saturday

January - May & September - December
7:30am - 3:00pm, Monday through Friday
8:15am - 1:45pm, Saturday

Recyclable materials that are accepted at the yard during operating hours. For further information click here.
Sewer UtilityMarilyn R.Colas- Dept. Head - X 8645 • mcolas@hazlettwp.org
Forms Available on Hazlet website
Swim & Tennis Club
Green Acres Drive
Hazlet, NJ 07730
Four pools that will please members of all ages or just relax on our club provided lounge chairs. New events include: Theme Weekends, Adult Night, Car Shows, Dive in Movies, Game night and various tournaments. Bingo, Adult Swim, water exercise and Tennis will still be available. May 23, 2015 - June 21,2015 Weekends Only 11 am-8 pm
Open Daily starting June 24, 2015 11 am-8 pm

More Info Here.
Tax CollectorAshlesha Deshpande- Dept. Head - X 8642 • adeshpande@hazlettwp.org

Joyce Feirstein- Clerk Typist - X 8643 • jfeirstein@hazlettwp.org
Make Payments Online - Click Here
Tax AssessorGail Scaglione- Tax Assessor - X 8655 • gscaglione@hazlettwp.org

Linda Sims- Clerk Typist - X 8651 • lsims@hazlettwp.org

The Assessor is charged with establishing the full and fair value of each parcel of real property in the Township. Full and fair value is defined, as the price property would sell for at a fair and bona fide sale by private contract.
Though the value of real property affects the amount of taxes paid on it, the taxes paid are determined by the budget needs of the school system, county government and the municipality. In other words, the tax is based on the millage rate, which is determined by dividing the government¹s budget needs by the value of all the taxable property in the municipality.

Therefore, the assessor determines the taxability of each parcel, not the taxes.
Uniform Construction CodeDennis Pino- Dept. Head - Construction Code Official - X 8642 • dpino@hazlettwp.org

Tim Murray- Fire Subcode Official - X 8658 • tmurray@hazlettwp.org

Joseph Penevolpe- Plumbing Subcode Official - X 8662 • jpenevolpe@hazlettwp.org

Ronald Maryak- lectrical Subcode Official - X 8663 • rmaryak@hazlettwp.org

Nick Fabiano- Building Inspector - X 8660 • nfabiano@hazlettwp.org

Jennifer O'Keeffe- Clerk Typist - X 8664 • jokeeffe@hazlettwp.org

For more information and forms, click here
Zoning Office & Zoning Planning and Land UseSharon A. Keegan - Dept. Head - X 8656 • skeegan@hazlettwp.org

Patricia Cullen; (Trish) - Keyboard Clerk - X 8659 • PCullen@hazlettwp.org
Duties of the Zoning Officer are to administer and enforce the provisions of the Development Review Ordinance and the Codes of Hazlet Township.

Zoning Office Forms and Applications, Click Here

Zoning Planning & Land Use Forms - Click Here
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