Hazlet Day Festival 2014 – Hazlet News Honors Our Troops

On September 27th, 2014 we attended the Hazlet Day Celebration and formally inaugurated our newest online publication the Hazlet News. The goal of the Hazlet News is to help our community to maintain their homes and our town.   By publishing informative articles, videos and photos we can offer the residents a great source of information that would be difficult to find elsewhere.

Our Video Library
Our Video Library

Although there are many videos and articles on the internet, many are not specific to our region and our town.  We felt that we should be the ones to cull through the thousands of sources and pick those that would best serve the homeowners in Hazlet best.

Our Goal

The goal is a simple one, give people the knowledge, motivation and help so they can succeed in caring for their homes and gardens. Forty years ago when I first moved to Raritan Valley,  it was a fairly new development. Their were many young families that got to know each other, through their children’s schools and activities. Of course there was no internet or Facebook friends as we have today . People had real friends and neighbors and they helped their neighbors when it was needed, something no longer takes place today.

Although we don’t want to turn the clock back, as if we could, but we do want to reach out to our community and try to come together and become a town that cares once again.

Our Spinning Wheel and Prizes

Desert Storm Collectables
Desert Storm Collectables
Tactical Fighter Squadron Pins
Tactical Fighter Squadron Pins

We wanted to show our support for our troops and offer some great prizes when people visited our booth.

We purchased a number of “Honoring Our Troops” pins, key chains and belt buckles.  Some were from 1991 and commemorate our troops in Desert Storm, others were Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy Fighter Squadron pins that are the exact designs from these squadron’s insignia.

STW One SectionFor the younger guests we brought some beautiful pins from the classic movie posters of Frankenstein, War of the Worlds and the Green Hornet.  Everyone that completed our registration form had a chance to Spin To Win on our beautiful SpinningDesigns wheel.  There were no losers and everyone that took a spin won a valuable prize.

We want to thank the folks at Spinning Designs in Asbury Park for loaning us the wheel for the event. Their wheels are made right there in their factory and we wanted to use a company that makes their products in the USA.  Please visit their page on Facebook and LIKE them too.  Need a wheel for an event, click here.

Facebook Success

We decided to bring our message to the people of Hazlet by attending the Hazlet Day Festival. Although we had great success in the past two months with thousands of LIKES on our Facebook Page and 700 Group Members now in our Facebook Group, we wanted to actually “press the flesh” and talk to homeowners and find out what they felt about our goals to help beautify our town.

Hope For Those That Need It

We were so pleased to be able to discuss the problems people were having and offered them hope and some solutions. We also had an opportunity to talk to people who could provide volunteers to help those that are disabled, the elderly and others that simply need a hand. We hope to set up a program to help those homeowners maintain their lawns and help them with other projects.

Our Partners

With the help of our friends at Charlie Croce Construction and Quality Irrigation, we can now recommend both of these fine companies to do renovations, repairs and lawn sprinkler installation at affordable cost and guarantee quality workmanship.

Our Video

This can be viewed in HD video and in a larger screen.  Click tabs on the lower right side of this window.

As you will see in the video, we didn’t have the time to really cover the entire event or capture some of the entertainment we had hoped for, but I think you will find our video interesting and entertaining as you see me on camera with our host Andy Peeke, see Andy interview the folks at Costco, Home Depot, Sue Kiley who is running for Hazlet Township Committee who supports our efforts and others.

Our Facebook Page
Our Facebook Page

If you haven’t already joined us on Facebook please do so now. You can LIKE us on our fan page and join our Facebook Group too. If you would like to Friend me click here, we need your support.

Remember to subscribe to our Newsletter and receive all of our latest articles in your email box.  If you signed up at the Festival, we had some difficulties reading some of the email addresses, so if you are not receiving our newsletters or articles, please come back and subscribe on our website.

Thank you all for joining us at the Hazlet Day Festival and keep visiting our site for more timely and relevant information that will add value and beauty to your home.

Note:  Did you know we have the Best of Hazlet, which features area businesses, restaurants and services?  We have selected these from our region and are the businesses that Hazlet residents shop, dine and use.  Check it out and if you have a recommendation let us know by clicking here.

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I am the president of the International Press Association and the publisher of IMPress Magazine. As a working photojournalist and videographer, I cover many events in the New York and New Jersey area for our publications. I am looking forward to our newest publication the Hazlet Times that will be a publication meant to showcase the things I love in Hazlet and those that might need some improvements.

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