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Editorial by Len Rapoport, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher of the Hazlet News, IMPress Magazine and President International Press Association

I was not familiar with the name Kevin Lavan and understand he was a past mayor of Hazlet. Since he is running for Hazlet Township committee against Sue Kiley, who the Hazlet News endorses, I wanted to find out more about him.

I couldn’t find out much about his achievements other than he seems to continue to run and get defeated for public office. This  includes his defeat in the District 13 NJ General Assembly.

I also found an article in the Asbury Park Press that talks about Shea and Lavan and I quote… “Shea recklessly proposed a 20% across the board spending cut from the county budget without backing up how he would do it. Lavan said “maybe” depending upon the results of an audit”

Lavan’s Qualifications and Education

His professional and educational resume is not one that would give me much confidence in his leadership skills either:

“Lavan’s professional experience includes working as a hiring agent at New York Shipping and warehouseman at Onyx Chemical. He served in the United States Army from 1962-1964. He earned his A.S. in business from Jersey City State University in 1976.”

Would his resume impress you enough to trust him with your towns future?  We need someone with strong business experience, good communications skills a track record of achievement and success, a leader…Lavan seems to be lacking in all of these qualifications.

Len Rapoport - At 19 Years Old, Serving his country
Len Rapoport – At 19 Years Old, Serving his country

Editors Note: In 1963, when I was only 19 years of age I received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and commanded a company of 250 men. Did Lavan serve his country in Viet Nam or was he drafted and spent his two years in the U.S.  From his dates, two years it would appear he was drafted before the war got into full swing in Nam.

Read my complete story on our IMPress Magazine website. Part 1, you will also see my younger brother served in Viet Nam with great distinction.


Mailing From The Dems and Lavan

I received a post card from him in today’s mail that states his team (means the current towns committee) was able to repair roads and streets in Hazlet. I am sure you got that as well, yet it doesn’t address his accomplishments, his platform as part of the towns committee or really any thing he has achieved in his career.

Kevin007 copy


Why Don’t We Know Who Runs For Office?

Funny, most of use have not known our candidates, unlike major elections we don’t have the opportunity to hear open debates or see them on television. So we tend to vote by party only, straight down the line. I have to admit I have in the past, but not anymore.  You can see the difference in the two mailings that I received who the better candidate is.  Is there any doubt in your mind that Sue is by far the better choice.  Her goals include better communication between Hazlet and its residents.

Something sorely needed since we never get any notifications anymore about anything.  Guys we are in the digital age, get on the stick.  A look at our towns website should show you what I mean.  I don’t want to get into it here, but there is a great need to modernize and get the right people in office that know how to do it.

Sue Kiley009


Sue Kiley010


I have voted Democrat all of my adult life, but frankly, I am going to vote for Sue Kiley, on the Rebublican line for Hazlet committee.  I  have gotten to know Sue better these past weeks and have found her to be intelligent, caring, with great communication skills and a strong platform. We believe in many of the same ideals too.  One of the short falls in Hazlet is their lack of communication with the residents.  I was frankly surprised that the town doesn’t have an email address on every resident that has internet access.

Sue and Andy Peeke HN Correspondent At Our Spin To Win Wheel – Honoring The Troops

Shouldn’t We All Take Pride In Our Town ?

I was also quite disappointed when we participated at the Hazlet Day Festival and not once did we see the mayor get up and welcome everyone to the the days festivities.  I would think a mayor of a small town would want to reach out and communicate his pride in the town he runs, wouldn’t you? Sue was there, you can see her at the Hazlet News tent and see how she does at our Spin To Win Wheel, where we gave away prizes to everyone and a all the prizes were our way of honoring our fighting men and woman who have given up so much to keep us safe.  See our article and video now.

I believe change is coming and I for one welcome it.  I am not a politician, never got involved before but just know this town committee needs Sue who can help Hazlet in giving communications with its residents the importance it deserves.

We often talk about transparency in government and in corporate America, and I think we need to work toward that goal and not blindly vote based upon a name we may like when in the voting booth.  Know the candidates, do a google search and vote for the person, not the party, it is our town, lets vote the right people in office this year.

I  know that together Sue and other members of the committee can work harder to find a better way to reach out to us and let us know exactly what is going on in this town.

Sue Kiley Dinner - 17
I have had the opportunity to talk to Sue on a number of occasions and even meet her beautiful, loving family.  I like her values and share her vision for a better Hazlet.  Her son is a member of Hazlet’s Finest who we have always supported.

She is educated, has achieved a great deal in her business career and has vision, something we sorely need. She understands we are in the digital age now and hopefully will be able to spearhead a movement to get this town into the 21st Century and catch up with other local towns.

So Many Complaints About The Streets In Hazlet

All we have heard since we started the Hazlet News was how bad the streets were.  How streets were falling apart for years and nothing was ever done.  So many complaints about all the streets that needed repairs. So when I received the Lavan post card I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.   Did Lavan have anything to do with improving the streets in Hazlet, a town that sorely needs help in getting our streets repaired?

He actually had no part in any repair program and seems to be taking credit for the nominal repairs that have been done.  I assume because the  majority of our towns committee is Democratic and the mayor that he has hung his hat on this program.  Lavan had nothing to do with this so why is his entire campaign strategy based on road repairs?  What will he be doing as a committee member?  What business or educational experience does he have to become our mayor again one day?

Get Out and Vote For Sue Kiley

I guess I have to admit that this year I have done the research on who is running for local office and I am voting Republican for Sue Kiley for town committee this year….Dad don’t turn over in your grave…please…

Election in two weeks, November 4th, be sure to get out and vote for Sue Kiley for Hazlet Committee

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