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Most people are not sure of  the proper way to design their gardens. As you view homes in Hazlet, you will see many gardens are simply not planned properly.  Many have planted a row of boring shrubs and nothing more.

In planning a garden you must thing about layers of color, shapes, textures and form.  In this photo of the front of my home, you will see this in action.

I have used a variety of plants, trees, shrubs all of different textures, colors and heights in my garden.

layers of color

By creating raised areas in my garden using boulders and built up slate walls, I have also been able to add different levels which adds excitement and a showcases the plants colors.  My trees and shrubs have been pruned so they now resemble Japanese Bonsai’s instead of a row of hedges. Try this technique to open up your landscape and turn your boring shrubs into beautiful Bonsai’s.

Watch some of these selected videos for some additional ideas.

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