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If you are like me and love to share your photos, files, document, and even your movies with business associates, friends and family than you might be using some of the services like Drop Box or others.  But Drop Box requires a bit of a learning curve and not as easy to use for some of us.  I use it to share my video files when we cover an event and want my staff to see what I shot.

For most of us, it is simply sharing some stuff we shot on our mobile devices and because you can’t email large files and many mobile devices will reduce the size of our files before sending them, we need something better.


Go over to WeTransfer

You will find there is no sign-up at all and you can immediately transfer your files via email to anyone.

You simply Add your files from your computer, you add the persons email address it is to be sent to and your email and a message and hit the Transfer button.  Remember, they can be any files, documents, photos, music, videos…

Easy Peezy…

Check it out the next time you want to share those beautiful images of the family and friends with others, no matter what the size.  Great way to share your videos too.


This is how they look in your friends email box when they receive your files.



Your computers browser has a setting as to where you want downloads to end up on your computer. I have mine set to a directory on my desktop called DownLoads.  Others may simply set their browser preferences for downloads to their desktop or hard drive.  Go to your browsers Preferences to adjust this setting.  You can also have it ask you were to save that download.  You may want it to go to your Photos or Video directory instead of your desktop.

Preferences for Firefox


This image shows their Plus version as well.  Extra Features and upload abilities. You can find out more by clicking here.



 We Mobile App

Of course they haven’t forgotten all of us with mobile devices.  You can download their Mobile app as well and transfer files anywhere. So when you want to share one of those great videos or even a movie file you have on your mobile device you can transfer it using their app.




More info check out their support page…

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