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    Wow, I love the month of May into June because the garden is really starting to shape up. Grass is green because I do have sprinklers installed so during that hot spell I was OK.

    I fertilized twice so far, Early Spring with weed control and another shot a couple of weeks ago before that hot set of days. I have already cut back all the Spring Bulbs in my divider are between my home and my neighbors and replaced them with Marigolds that I started from seed a couple of months ago.

    Mulched everything, cleaned up my borders by cutting a fresh trench so the grass is neatly cut around my border plantings and patio now.

    Trimmed all my hedges and trees and planted my vegetable garden making sure I put down my black weed barrier material I bought at Costco. They are coming up nicely. Green Pepper plants started from seeds under lights in my basement saved me quite a bit too.

    How are your gardens doing? Any tips we should know about? Any questions you need answered? Post them here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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