Memorial Day 2015 At The Colts Neck, New Jersey Pet Fair

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Last year we visited the Colts Neck Pet Fair and had a great time.  This years fair was co-sponsored by the Furry Friends Foundation a no-kill shelter and the Performance Canine Association, an organization that governs canine sporting events.

Nannette Lipinski the organizer contacted me to see if I could cover the fair again this year.  Unfortunately Memorial Day week-end is a busy one for us with other assignments and commitments, but I had a some time toward the end of the day to head over and see what was going on this year.

We got there late, around 3:30 PM and the event closes around 5:30 PM and people were leaving the event as we arrived.   I tried to capture some of the excitement at the event and had the opportunity to capture some of the participants on video.

The fair was held again at the Bucks Mill Park in Colts Neck, New Jersey.  The park is quite nice with a small lake.  We took our our Chihuahua mix Georgie, knowing he would love to see other doggies at the event.

Colts Neck Fair 2015 - 08

Silver Knights Jousting Troupe – Silver Knights Productions is a New York/New Jersey based theatrical joust and ground fight troupe. We watched a small segment of their show, we didn’t have much time this year and was able to get a few nice shots and some video of them in action.

Colts Neck Fair 2015 - 29
Valentino and Dolly – Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs

Next stop was a Pig Placement Network a non-organization whose mission is to promote the placement of pigs as pets.  They currently have over 100 pigs looking for loving homes.  Cheryl their spokesperson told us the pigs are as loveable as dogs, will even snuggle with you at night in bed, can also be house trained and even ring a bell when they need to go out to potty. Was tempting, but one dog is enough for us right now 🙂

The two cute little Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs, Valentino and  Dolly painted an abstract painting for our camera.  Watch the video to see the masterpiece they created.

Colts Neck Fair 2015 - 43
Doggie Fun Zone – Brings Out The Hunter In Our Dogs

Next was a stop at the Doggie Fun Zone track.  It is amazing to see how the dogs responded to a white piece of shredded cloth attached to a thin cord that was wired throughout the course.  Lee the owner was able to control the speed of the fake prey with a control, making it go faster, slower and stop and start.  To the dogs, it looked like a little animal running through this dog obstacle track.  We saw two dogs speeding through this obstacle course for the first time and you would think they were performance artists.  I asked if we could give our little Georgie a shot at it and the owner Lee set it up to go.

Georgie looked at the shredded white cloth, it started, he just looked at it, Lee gave it another tug, but Georgie just wouldn’t move.  After a few attempts we realized that Georgie just doesn’t have that hunter instinct.  Now if we had a piece of his favorite chicken jerky treat on that cord, I am certain the results might have been better.   Visit their website for more information and watch the amazing videos, very cool indeed.

Ultimate Air Dogs In Action
Ultimate Air Dogs In Action

Ultimate Air Dogs – We saw them and wrote about them last year, since we arrived so late we were able to get one of their dogs to demonstrate how they can jump great distances to fetch a stick or ball.  Watch these amazing dogs do their stuff in our video and photos and click here to see last years coverage with more video of the dogs doing their stuff.

Colts Neck Fair 2015 - 52
All Dogs Love Belly Rub’s

Beautiful Day To Visit The Fair

It was a wonderful event and there were lots of great organizations and companies there that offered visitors an opportunity to adopt a new pet or at least donate to one of the many worthwhile causes.  We urge our readers to stop the puppy mills and their inhumane treatment of dogs by visiting some of the many rescue organizations in your area.

You can read more about our mission to stop puppy stores from selling puppy mill dogs at our MCSPCA Dog Walk Article.

Nanette told us Memorial Day may not have been the best week-end to run the event this year, with so much going on at the Jersey Shore, we agreed.  But she did assure me they will be back this Fall bigger and better than ever, so watch for their dates on their website and take the family for a day of fun.

Georgie, You Can Find Out How To Make Georgie Meatloaf, By Clicking This Image. Over 90,000 Views on YouTube.


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