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Shutters Faded and Home For Wasps? Restore and Rid Pests Now

You can do this project on the week-end.  Beginner Level…Total Cost for restoration and wasp proofing for four Shutters is under $40 After so many years, my nice burgundy shutters on the front of my home were faded and worn.  Made of plastic as most are today, they were attached to my siding with plastic push pins, 4 for each …

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Professional Painting Tips – Learn From A Pro

Veteran painter Butch Zang tells you his secrets for faster, easier and better results. Steps to Paint Like A Pro Step 1: Lay a drop cloth and tape floor edges Step 2: Remove wall obstructions and tape fixtures Step 3: Sand and clean the woodwork Step 4: Prime the woodwork Step 5: Roll the first paint coat on the ceiling …

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