Beautiful Homes – Long Beach Island, NJ

Living in Hazlet for so many years, we always wanted to see what LBI looked like and Sunday the last day of August with a long holiday week-end was the perfect time and weather to take the one hour drive down.  The drive was an easy one, we got onto the Garden State Parkway South at 117 and exited at 63, the total was about 55 miles.

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LBI Information

Here is some information about LBI from Wikipedia…

Long Beach Island (colloquially known as LBI or simply The Island) is a barrier island and summer colony along the Atlantic Ocean coast of Ocean County, New Jersey in the United States. Aligned north-south, the northern portion is generally slightly higher end low-density residential, whereas the southern portion possesses higher-density housing and considerable commercial development. The primary industries include tourism, fishing, and real estate. The only access point to the island by land is a single causeway.

The island is home to about 20,000 people on a year-round basis. The population is distributed among six separate municipalities, the largest of which is Long Beach Township. However, the island’s population swells significantly during the summer months and reaches about 100,000 people, including part-time residents and tourists.[1] The island’s close-knit communities are largely affluent and contain vacation homes for wealthy residents who reside elsewhere, especially New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.[2]

LBI is approximately 18 miles  in length, which includes three miles of nature reserve located on the southern tip.[3][4] The island is about a half-mile wide (800 m) at its widest point in Ship Bottom, and spans a fifth of a mile (300 m) at its narrowest point in Harvey Cedars

Long Beach Island is bisected by State Route 72, which connects the mainland to the island at Ship Bottom. It is the sole access point for road vehicles to the mainland over Manahawkin Bay and one must drive over the Manahawkin Bay Bridge to reach the island.

This results in the division of the island into a northern portion and a southern portion. From the bridge northward, the island includes the communities of Surf City, North Beach (a section of Long Beach Township), Harvey Cedars, Loveladies, High Bar Harbor (the northernmost section of Long Beach Township), and Barnegat Light. From the bridge southward, the island includes the communities of Long Beach Township (including the census-designated place of North Beach Haven) and Beach Haven, with the Holgate section of Long Beach Township at the southernmost tip of the island.

Beautiful Homes and Hurricane Sandy

We had heard the homes in LBI were spectacular and people we know have rented some for a week during the summer season. Some of these homes right on the beach can rent for many thousands of dollars, but an entire family, sometimes 16 people or more, can be housed comfortably in these multi-million dollar homes, so for those that don’t want to fly to an island and stay in a hotel, this is a wonderful summer option.

In late October 2012, portions of Long Beach Island were significantly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Residents were evacuated and portions of the island were severely flooded, with the ocean meeting the bay in isolated spots. Streets were left covered with up to four feet of sand in some spots. Several homes along the ocean and bay front communities were damaged by the nine-foot storm surge and 18-foot seas that pounded the barrier island.

Photo Gallery

The photos in my gallery will show you some of the rebuilt and magnificent homes we saw as we drove through the island…


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