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Living in Hazlet for 43 years has made me somewhat of an expert when it comes to our local town festivals and celebrations.  I have been to many including Keyport, Middletown, Hazlet, Long Branch and others, but one of my favorites has to be Aberdeen Day.

This year this special day was promoted with huge banners placed on all major roads and highways in all of the neighboring towns including Hazlet, Keyport, Lawrence Harbor, Matawan and others.  The cost of the banners and the lighted signs had to be significant, but Aberdeen’s committee was smart enough to enlist the help of sponsoring companies to offset those costs.

By promoting this day for the past couple of months, the many thousands of people and vehicles simply had to know the day and the schedule of this days festivities.

Aberdeen Day-2015-Demarco's

DeMarco’s Catering and Gourmet Deli

I decided to just take photos of our day as we enjoyed the great food and treats at the DeMarco’s Catering and Gourmet Deli is our personal favorite deli for the 43 years we have lived in Hazlet.  Not only is their prepared Italian specialties to die for, but there is no bakery in our area that can even come close to their Italian and Artisan breads.


I discovered that their prices for quality Boars Head cold cuts was less than it costs at Shoprite and we love their #10 cold sub…check it out when you visit their store.

After having a Boars Head hot dog with the red onions and sauerkraut and a hamburger embedded with melted cheese slider, I went over and enjoyed some of the Italian specialties.  Then of course desserts and drinks.  I was glad I didn’t have breakfast this day and left room for this food fest.  Oh, did I mention, all the food, drinks and desserts were compliments of DeMarco’s.  FREE FOOD got to love it.  It is their way of thanking their customers for their patronage.

In addition to the food, Demarco’s had their classic car show and a full band playing live music.  Loads of fun and Kudo’s to Eugene Demarco, the second generation to run the family business.

Aberdeen Day-2015 (57 of 186)HRez

We also marched down to Stop and Shop to see what they were doing and passed a store we didn’t know existed.  Woof Gang Bakery our neighborhood pet store.  Loads of goodies for your dogs and they offer all sorts of spa treatments and dog supplies.  You will see some of the photos in our slide show and photos.

Really cool store will have to go back soon to get some goodies for our little Georgie.



Livoti’s Old World Market

Of course we also had to stop at Livoti’s who we shop at for some of our baked goods and produce.  This year they had an insane line of people waiting for some of their specialties.  We had enough to eat at DeMarco’s so I only stopped to grab some photos and I did lean in and get a couple of cookies…yum.


Matawan Regional High School

From Livoti’s it was on to Matawan High School to visit all the wonderful exhibits, shows and vendors there.  Food trucks were also present in case you didn’t get a chance to dine at DeMarco’s or Livoti’s and there was so much for the kids.

You will see all the inflatables and even pony rides for the children.  Lots to do and we were happy to meet Ronald McDonald who greeted us at the entrance gate.  There were so many booths set up at the event, from many local businesses to animal rescue organizations, EMT and rescue teams, home improvement, religious organizations of all faiths, fitness companies and so much more.  So many free samples and prizes too. We ended up with a number of bags full of STUFF!

Animal Show

They even had a great Animal Show with rare animals including a  Fennec Fox  a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara in North Africa.   Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which also serve to dissipate heat.  Of course he also had a giant lizard which you can see in our photos too…great show for all that attended.

Animal Show
Fennec Fox

Great Fun Day For The Entire Family

Now if the day wasn’t full of fun and food and you haven’t had your fill of the classic car shows that seem to be everywhere in our local towns, you wouldn’t be disappointed this day.  They had a huge collection of cars, unfortunately we didn’t have time to go and look at them, but I am sure we have seen them in Keyport, Keansburg and other town events we have covered this past year.

In addition there was a Circus, at the Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School and many other events at the various shopping centers.  They even arranged for a very cool bus to take you from one event to the next.  You can see a full list of those events click here Schedule_of_Events_flyer

Slide Show Of Our Day

Aberdeen_Day__NJ_2015_HD_1080p_-_YouTubeOnce Video is started, mouse over right corner

and click on YouTube to watch in larger view, or click box for full screen mode.


Our Full Sized Image Gallery

Aberdeen Day 2015Click This Image To See Our High Res Photo Gallery

I only hope that one day soon I can report on a glorious Hazlet Day, which I understand was not very successful this year.  Maybe next year they will learn from Aberdeen and get some local sponsors to cover the costs of signs necessary to let people know about their event…I can only hope.

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  1. From the Mayor of Aberdeen Township:

    Thank you so much for this great article. It was truly a labor of love. Our Town Rec Dept worked hand in hand the Aberdeen Economic Business Council to present town wide event.

    As you reported, every shopping center was involved along with events at he High School and for the first time, a Circus was presented at the Middle School with the cooperation of the Board of Education.

    I can not say enough about the support we received for our business community. The day started with a 5k to benefit a new special needs playground. That set the tone for the day! I am so proud of everyone who helped organize Aberdeen Day 2015. We will start plans for 2016 very soon.
    Fred Tagliarini
    Mayor, Aberdeen Township

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