4 Most Common Reasons Why You Can’t Maintain Your Lawn

There are 4 basic reasons people don’t perform the proper maintenance on their lawns and they are Knowledge, Desire, Cost and Time.  So lets take a look at these reasons and see if they are really valid.

Library-21. Knowledge…Sure not knowing what to do or how can be a big stumbling block for many.  Those that don’t have access to the internet and the wealth of information on this subject may find it challenging, but for most of us that do have computers, tablets or smart phones the information is all there.  For those that don’t have the ability to get this information digitally, many leading garden supply stores including Home Depot, Lowes and many others, offer classes and instructions on How To, as well as personal training and advise if you simply ask them for it.  In our area we are surrounded by so many garden centers, it is impossible not to get the information you need.

Our goal at the Hazlet News it so provide you with the knowledge you need by publishing informative articles and videos on our site that will be timely for each season.  We have searched the web to find the best videos and information available on a vast number of gardening projects and maintenance including our Scott’s and Home Handyman articles and videos.   We offer you the knowledge you will need to grow a beautiful, maintained lawn and a create a beautiful garden.  We all know that people judge a house today by its Curb Appeal and to that end, we can help.

 weeds2. Desire has to come from you.  Those that don’t have the desire to better their lives, their living conditions, their homes are the most difficult to convert.  If you don’t take pride in your home or its declining value than by all means consider your neighbors and the effect that a poorly maintained home can do to the overall value of every home on your street and in your town.  Our goal is to give you the desire to maintain your lawns and homes by showing you how easy it really can be to do so.

scotts_fertilizer3. Cost is another issue we deal with. We do understand that many of us are struggling to pay the mortgage or put food on the table for our families.  The average home in Hazlet is on a small piece of land.  Some are on 1/3 acre or less.  The cost to fertilize and treat those properties today is around $100-$150 per year or about $10 per month.  When one considers the increased value of your property, you can understand that is money well spent.

lawn-mower4. Time…Time seems to be the catch all excuse of those that have never really tried to maintain their lawn or garden.

After all, they probably haven’t mowed their own lawn or they would realize that it takes about 30 minutes or less to mow the average sized lawn.  If you want to edge or use a trimmer to clean up the lawn around obstacles and at the sidewalk, then add another 30 minutes.

During the growing season you will spend around an hour or so cutting your lawn…in a week, can you really say you don’t have that much time to attend to the proper maintenance of your lawn?  Fertilizing your lawn or keeping the mosquito’s and other insect population down can be done easily with granular or liquid products.  Attach one of these to the end of your hose and walk around the garden spraying it.  You won’t even break a sweat and your lawn will love you.

Instead of sitting in front of the television or playing Candy Crush, get out and spend some quality time in your gardens. Get to know it well and in a short amount of time you will love the time you spend there.

Here’s an idea…Do you have children?  What a great way to help them learn by doing than to teach them how to mow your lawn.  I started as a child and learned to love gardening and watching things grow.  In the Spring when the grass grows so fast that I have to mow twice a week, even better.  Teach your children so one day they will know how to maintain their lawn when they have their own homes and instruct them on the benefits of maintaining your home so they can do the same one day.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Property

Not only are the benefits good for the value of your home, but also good for your health.  People tend to spend too much time indoors in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. Watching television or posting on Facebook or even the many games people play online might be fun, but it won’t help your homes value and won’t help your health.  It is proven that an hour a week spent in the garden, is beneficial for all of us, no matter what our age.

Why I Don’t Look My Age

Len-Rap-Avatar-300X300I will be 72 years old soon and have been an avid gardener for years and most people think I am at least 10 years younger.  Good genetics, maybe, my love of gardening, for sure.

My life would not be as full as it is today if I didn’t love gardening as much as I do.  I love to grow my vegetables each year and pick them from the garden minutes before consuming them.  I love to walk on my thick, weed free lawn each day as I do my daily inspection. I love to see my tulips, trees blossom and my hostas grow in the early spring.

I think once you try gardening and develop a routine for caring for your lawn and garden you too will simply love it and will stand back on your sidewalk as I do and get that feeling of Pride that comes when you know you have done a great job.

I make this promise, I will continue to support your efforts and do what is in my power to help those that need the help.  We are working on a program for those that may have a disability, are seniors and others who can’t maintain their property themselves.  If you need help let us know, we are recruiting volunteers now to mow lawns for those that can’t do it themselves and can’t afford to hire a landscaper, so stay tuned.  We know what has to be done…




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