Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk had the cutest dogs on the planet

2017 Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk


This year the Dog Walk took place on Saturday April 29th and it was truly a beautiful day to join thousands of dog lovers at the Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk and Pet Fair.  My wife and I and our little boy Georgie once again joined all dog lovers at this yearly Spring event dedicated to the loving, loyal and beautiful members of our families…our dogs. 

Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk and Pet Fair 2017


Monmouth County Dog Walk and Pet Fair 2017

Help Them Reach Their Goal

Held once again at the beautiful campus of Brookdale Community College we signed in, Georgie received his official green Dog Walk bandana and off we went to see all the great participants and vendors at the event.

Georgie crosses the finish line at the Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk with his mom and two friends.
Georgie Tired After The Walk With Mom Gladys and Friends Tiffany and Eric

Our little boy Georgie who is a puppy mill dog and is a Chihuahua/Spaniel mix was excited as we entered the campus.  He is nine years old now and we just love to take him to this important fund raising meet and greet event for dogs and some other members of the animal kingdom too, including Hamlet the mini-pig

Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk had more then just dogs this year
Hamlette the mini pig thought he was just one of the boys.

Of course this year we attended their Canine Cutest Tricks Contest and I was too busy taking photos that I forgot to enter Georgie.  Frankly, I think he would have won this year.  There was some competition, but making a dog sit and give you his paw is really easy to beat.  Lots of fun for all and of course a chance to celebrate a beautiful spring day with so many loving dog lovers.

Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk Cutest Tricks Contest

The MCSPCA does a great job in caring for and treating the dogs that come into their facility.  It is important for all of us to help them with our donations and other forms of support.

These brothers and sisters had fun at the Monmouth County SPCA Dog Walk

Visit the MCSPCA website for more information on this years event and   You are welcome to download them from our gallery, but if you publish them or share them please give us the photo credit and link to this post.

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